Zac Pierce
Founder and CEO

Ron was instrumental in the launch of our company. He successfully guided us through fundraising from some of the top VC’s in the country as well as setting up our financial infrastructure. He has been a tremendous resource and advisor over the years.

We hired Ron as an interim CFO and advisor.
At the time we thought we needed to get our books in order, vet our processes and introduce some improved procedures.
What we got was a revolution.

In a short time Ron accurately vetted our products, staff efficiency levels and financial procedures.
With every problem, he proposed a solution.
With every solution, he readily engaged in execution.

Ron is a man of action and our organization began a fundamental shift as a result of his involvement.

Ron’s creative mind, financial acumen and wide network of valuable connections were, and remain, valuable assets to our firm.

Adam R. Karasch
Chief Executive Officer
Karasch & Associates

KC Fordham III
Managing Partner
84 Capital

Ron has been instrumental in the success of my business and he has guided my partner and I through all of our early stage obstacles.  Ron’s financial expertise and ability to evaluate risk have allowed my partner and I to scale our business quickly, going from 1 to 6 carwash locations in less than two years.  He is a trusted advisor and I will undoubtedly lean on him in the years to come.

Ron has been outstanding in helping us to get our businesses organized and establishing strategies for the future.  He’s always been readily available for our calls and questions.  We really appreciate the work he’s so done so far and are looking forward to a long term relationship.

James Wavro
J Wavro Associates

Pam Prior
Priorities Group

I’ve worked with Ron on multiple projects, and recommended him to my clients on many others. There are a few things about Ron that differentiate him from the pack of interim and project-based CFO’s out there.

In all cases, he approaches his service of the client with a strategic eye on protection of assets, maximization of return on those assets, and the vision and mission of the hiring executive, board or team.

But he’s not just the guy who writes up the plan and walks away – he focuses on fixing the plane while it’s in flight – whether that plane’s mission is to avoid catastrophe or leverage opportunity to fly higher. He builds relationships with the key players in the organization and shows them – through listening, training, coaching, and leading – HOW to do the specific mechanics of what needs to be done.

From the ground-up plays required to manage and leverage working capital, to the negotiations and flexibility required to design and execute on optimized financing options.

Ron has it all – the 50,000 foot understanding required in the boardroom; to the ground-level tools, skills, and dexterity required to settle in with the tactical team.

We worked closely with Ron through an intense period of growth for our company, both business-wise and from a financial accounting perspective.  Ron’s creativity, candor, knowledge and, frankly, determination proved absolutely invaluable through a very challenging hinge in our company’s 40+ year history.  So much so, that as we moved through that period and into our next chapter, we asked Ron to stay with us… to this day, he continues to be a trusted resource, counselor and guide on the journey.

David N. Heffner
CODY Systems

Vicki Sack
Juno Search Partners

Ron has been a valuable partner to Juno for a number of years now. Most small business owners start companies because they are good at what the business does, not because they are whizzes at finance, operations and compliance. Ron has helped us look at our business more objectively, he provides a non-biased viewpoint, shares the options and various possible outcomes and helps us make the tough decisions, sometimes decisions that business owners just don’t want to make, but need to make. He has helped us re-vamp our accounting process, get better at collections, analyze compensation plans, helped us navigate a sales tax audit, and who knew he’d be helping us to navigate our business through a global pandemic? Ron simplifies the complicated, advises, but also listens.

I’ve had the good fortune to work with the same clients as Ron a number of times. He is an exceptional CFO and easy to work with. When Ron and I are working with the same client I know that I can fully trust the financial advice he offers and use him as a sounding board about financial implications of the work I do with the CEO or business owner, including issues with family businesses. He brings together great financial skill and business knowledge which enable him to ensure all the financial areas are fully accurate and properly done as well as noticing areas where you can decrease expenses and increase profits, including by rationalizing your financial department, both systems and people. Ron becomes a true partner you can trust to give you great advice and help with internal needs as well as your external financial relationships. And he has a great sense of humor.

Steve Smolinsky
Benari LTD
Wharton School
Geneva Global

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